Product Revew : Bio Essence – Bio Energy SNAIL

Snail secretion repair serum – bio snail repairs to reveal smooth & supple skin

how to use
after cleansing, apply an adequate amount evenly across the face and gently massage until is fully absorbed.

what it contains….
the serum is specially blended with bio-energy fluid which contain extra minerals and trace minerals, making it unique from other snail products. a concentrate of various extractions, its particles are finer which allow better absorption into the skin for better efficacies, snail secretion consist of rich allantoin, collagen and vitamins, providing nourishment for a smoother,supple and softer skin. also with anti-bacterial property to help repair skin of various problems and reduce formation of pimples. active ingredients from snail secretion together with bio-energy fluid, help stimulate skin renewal process and restore skin’s newborn supple and smooth texture. this serum also contains highly hydrating and moisturising plant polysaccharides such as tremella polysaccharides and oat glucan,providing skin with more intensive hydration

nutrients and moisture are rapidly absorbed to help build up skin’s ability to retain moisture
replenishes collagen, makes skin more refined,smooth and radiant, also enhances skin’s vitality
reduces fine lines and wrinkles, with many different vitamins to slow  down ageing of skin, for newborn like skin
repairs pimple scars and marks, keeping skin smooth and refined
soothes skin and protects skin against harmful pollutants
restores skin’s newborn like texture, revealing a supple, soft and smooth complexion

4 main core ingredient
Snail secretion : contains active ingredients such as allantoin, collagen proteins, vitamins, natural anti-bacteria peptides to help repair skin and stimulate skin renewal to improve skin texture

bio-energy fluid : richly contains minerals and trace minerals, makes the particles so fine to allow better absorption of nutrients and moisture into the skin, making skin supple and youthful

tremella polysaccharides : white fungus’ essence extracted provides excellent hydrating effects which is few times better than well know hydration ingredients like hyaluronic acid

oat glucan : superior hydrating and moisturising effects, improves skin’s defines system and vitality

my feel
i did not use it with the snail cream from bio essence i am afraid that it will be too rich for me. thats y i got the serum instead. i am afraid that the snail secretion will be very sticky after i applied it but it is not. it is easily absorb after massage into my skin. my face feel smoother and brighter too. i will continue to use it. hopefully my complexion will improve! less fine lines and lighter scars and fewer outbreaks!


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